Ambary Balm
Ambary Balm
Ambary Balm
Ambary Balm
Ambary Balm
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Ambary Balm

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Our Plant-Based Ambary Balm is enriched with therapeutic Essential Oils and premium ingredients. Extremely concentrated for maximum relief. May help with Arthritis, Joint and Nerve Pain, Sore Muscles, Sprains, Strains, Tennis & Golf Elbow, and other causes of aches and pain.

We've received feedback from many customer's about how Our Hemp Balm relieved their aches as well as Osteoarthritis, Gout, Lupus and Fibromyalgia pain. We're confident that you will love it also!

Ingredients: Plant Oils, Nut Butters & Oils, Plant Wax, Plant Extract, Mint leaf-Menthol, Essential Oil Blend of 17 therapeutic oils, a total of 25 plant botanicals.

Many of our ingredients are effective on their own, however, we know they work more effectively together. 

Research and data show that menthol is an effective natural pain reliever. Camphor, renowned for it's traditional medicinal benefits and analgesic action, helps relieve tired muscles and speeds the recovery of aches and pains. Carefully formulated with multiple plant-based ingredients consisting of healing and anti-inflammatory properties, resulting in Fast Long-lasting Pain Relief. 

No Parabens, Synthetic Colors, Fragrances, Harsh Solvents or Toxic Chemicals


We hold ourselves to the highest standard which is why we use the purest ingredients. 

To use: Apply a small amount where it hurts. A little goes a long way.. Gentle enough to use daily as needed.

Keep in a cool, dry place. If product is exposed to heat and melting occurs, place in a cool place or the refrigerator until product solidifies.

Do NOT apply to open wounds.

Not recommended for children.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing. 

Individual results may vary. 


FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat or prevent any illness or condition. Use at your own risk. 


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