Hello there,

Are you interested in becoming a Slush Essentials Partner? Yes? YEA!!

If you are a business owner in the United States, we have an incredible opportunity for you!

How the partnership works: 

Purchase our incredible products at our wholesale price, resell our products to your clients at our regular retail price. 

How you get paid:

When you resell our products to your clients at our retail price, you keep the difference. 

How long does my partnership last:

As long as you abide by the terms of your Slush Essentials, LLC. Agreement. If agreement terms are defaulted upon, immediate termination will follow.

How to get started: 

If you haven't already, submit a Partnership Application. Please click the link below (or copy and paste it in your browser) to access the application.

After submitting your application, email a completed ST-5 form to Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. 

Once approved, login using the link provided in your welcome email. Start purchasing and's that simple!

We appreciate your interest, Have a SLUSHtastic day!

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